Configuring Random Execute


All of the arguments for the Random Execute program are stored in the RandomExecute.exe.config file. Once the RandomExecute.exe application is called it reads the RandomExecute.exe.config file for all configuration information.

User Interface Level


Displays no user interface


Displays user interface with a progress bar and minimal information


Displays all user interarface elements. Note: Currentlly not in use

Minimum Start Time

Minimum amount of time in seconds before the associated process is set to executed.

Maximum Start Time

Maximum amount of time in seconds before the associated process is executed.

Update Interval

Amount of time in seconds before the user interface is automatically updated with the latest information from the underlying engine. Note: This value should remain at 1 second.

File Name

The file to call for execution


Arguments to provide to the command.

Window Title

Set the title of the dialog window.
Example Configuration File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<!-- User interface levels none, basic, full-->
		<add key="UserInterfaceLevel" value="basic" />
		<!-- Minimum start time before command is executed -->
		<add key="MinimumStartTimeInSeconds" value="15" />
		<!-- Maximum start time before command is executed -->
		<add key="MaximumStartTimeInSeconds" value="30" />
		<!-- Number of seconds before user interface is updated. *Recommended value is 1 second -->
		<add key="UpdateIntervalInSeconds" value="1" />
		<!-- Command of file to execute -->
		<add key="FileName" value="cmd" />
		<!-- Arguments to supply to command -->
		<add key="Arguments" value="/c dir C:\Windows\System32" />
		<!-- Title of dialog window -->
		<add key="WindowTitle" value="Installation Wrapper" />

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